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In this podcast episode we’re going to be talking about something incredibly fundamental to traders.

It’s something we have to do all the time as traders, and it can have such a huge impact on our trading performance. In fact, it doesn’t just impact trading, it can impact ALL aspects of our lives.

So, what is it? Any ideas?

It’s decision making.

Now I don’t need to explain the importance of decision making, it’s pretty obvious… I’m sure we’ve all made good and bad decisions over time and had to live with the consequences, but as traders, what can we do to improve our decision making?

Well, in this podcast episode we’re joined by special guest Agustin Lebron.

Agustin began his career as a trader and researcher at one of the worlds largest market-making firms - Jane Street Capital. Over the years he has traded many different kinds of securities and has created, developed and implemented successful trading strategies.

In my chat with Agustin you'll discover:

  • The “laws” traders need to apply to make better decisions,
  • Why you're never really happy with the trades you make and what to do about it,
  • Identifying your “personal edge” and leveraging it in the markets,
  • Why traders need to integrate “storytelling” into their processes,
  • The dangers of traders “mistaking the map for the territory”,
  • How to approach a model when it’s breaking down,
  • Plus, much more.

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