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Quite often the focus for traders are the technical aspects of trading - indicators, back-testing procedures, robustness checks, statistics, trading platforms, infrastructure etc.

All of these aspects can have an impact on trading performance.

However, there are other aspects of trading too that often go unrecognised, ignored, and can have a huge impact on our performance no matter how good our strategies are.

What are they?

Joining us today to discuss high performance trading is Mandi Pour Rafsendjani.

Mandi is a trader, speaker and peak performance trading coach who works with independent traders, prop trading firms and hedge funds to improve their trading performance.

Some of the things you’ll discover in my chat with Mandi are:

  • The key aspects that set high performing traders apart from everyone else,
  • How traders can identify what’s really holding back their performance,
  • Why it’s important to have a ‘reset button’,
  • Two aspects of drawdown and how traders can more effectively manage drawdown,
  • How to strengthen your ‘taking-losses’ muscle to better handle losses,
  • And much more.

So let’s jump over now to my chat with Mandi on high performance trading.

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