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With the US elections just days away, traders are thinking about how the markets may react to whatever news the elections may bring.

Will we see a big selloff, wild swings in price, and huge spikes in volatility?

Or do the markets typically deliver something else around election time?

In this episode of BST Live, Perry Kaufman from Kaufman Signals joins us to discuss how to survive market selloffs, including:

  • Historical returns around election days since 1924,
  • The 2 types of prices shocks and the best approach to handling them, 
  • The link between stock price and percentage change and why you should avoid trading low priced stocks,
  • Should traders hedge to reduce risk,
  • The dangers of Price Shocks on backtesting results (and how to avoid them),
  • How to determine the volatility level where returns are no longer worth the risk,
  • Plus, volatility parity, rebalancing, portfolio volatility, and much more!

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