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Girls, Ghosts and Ghouls

C goes it alone as we delve into the history, True Crime and Paranormal alike of LA's most infamous hotel, The Cecil.
What do a medical Doctor from Winnipeg and the author of the beloved Sherlock Holmes series have in common? A lot apparently. Listen as C unveils the secrets of Winnipeg's Hamilton House.
It's Halloween and Kei is back! This week we gift you with a ghoul and a ghost as we discuss the legend of the Irish Púca and the so-called true story behind The 'real' haunting in Connecticut.
Kei's Sick and C goes it alone diving headfirst into the history and paranormal activity of Winnipeg's oldest building Le Musee De Saint-Boniface, formerly the Grey Nun Convent.
You know Annabelle, well Canada's got Mandy. C was scared by a children's film and Kei wants an American girl doll and all of it inspired this weeks episode on British Columbia's terrifying looking child's toy Mandy The Doll. She doesn't play well with others.
C had the sick, Kei's getting her license. All while we explore a 19th century family who came to Canada to find a new life only to constantly attract new feuds. Inevitably ending in the legendary Black Donnelly massacare and the haunting of their old property north of London, Ontario.
What do King Henry VIII and 1984 have in common? A landowner named Lukas who is communicating through time, and realms to an ordinary couple in Dodleston. Kei stars senior year. Did Shakespeare write his own work? Find out.
Episode 5, and first show of the month, that means it's time for a local haunting. This week we discuss one of Winnipeg's most talked about hauntings, The Old Masonic Temple. Doesn't everyone find disembodied fake hands in hidden coffins?
While C's pretty sure she's being haunted, we take a trip back to her time spent in the Ottawa Jail Hostel one of Canada's most haunted locations. While she avoided confrontation others haven't been so lucky,  find out what happens when you stack a haunted building with Ouija boards.
This week we delve into the history of Germany's Black Forest from a forest of our own. Listen as we do the show from inside a tent while we camp, and stay tuned for what can only be ghostly interferance.
Kei has not 1, not 2, but 3 spooky experiences this week! and Up on the hill looking out over the city of Dublin, is the long abandoned, haunted and inevitably damned remains of The Hellfire Club. What makes it so feared? Time to find out! DISCLAIMER: Kei was having some serious tech issues with...
Episode 1. One of Canada's Top 10 haunted buildings, The Fort Garry Hotel comes with a lot of baggage. From unwelcome bed guests to bloodied carpets and angry bricklayers, one of Winnipeg's oldest hotels is also one of it's most haunted. Listen as two sisters unravel the history and mystery of...
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