The Startup Addict

What lessons has The Startup Addict learned the hard way even though people may have tried to tell him in advance?
    The Startup Addicts explores the depths of sports loyalty and why every business should strive for it.
The decision-making process is never easy but The Startup Addict says there is one key thing you can focus on to simplify it.
The Startup Addict breaks down how to handle criticism and turn it into a positive tool.
Regrets do not necessarily have to be a bad thing -- The Startup Addict breaks down why that is.
The Startup Addict is here to ask you the most important question of your day.Plus, we break down episode 2 of FX’s Mayans.
The Startup Addict breaks down what legacy means and how personal legacy differs from what your business leaves behind.
How does The Startup Addict view money? Plus, we break down the series premiere of Mayans.
    Give your business its best possible chance at success by staying true to your vision.
The Startup Addict was on a mission last week: to build the first ever Suifo. Find out what lessons we learned along the way.
The co-founder and former Chief Creative of BLITZ agency, Ken Martin, drops by and talks The Startup Addict through his entrepreneurial journey.
When life throws you off your paddle board, remember that you’re in control.
Are you thinking of taking the plunge into entrepreneurship? Then you do not want to miss this episode.
The Startup Addict breathes new life into an idea once thought dead. Sign up for Party with Dennis at
The Startup Addict interviews budding entrepreneur Damion Stansberry about his restaurant concept.
The Startup Addict runs a couple of new ideas by Dennis to see how they hold up to his quality control process.
Maurice Clarett drops by and shares his motivating story of perseverance and triumph. You do not want to miss this!
The Startup Addict takes listener questions from someone trying to start their own restaurant concept. 
How you think is how you’ll do.
We all have regrets -- but they don't have to be a bad thing.
Hawaii isn't just beautiful beaches and palm trees. There is plenty to learn from the Aloha State.
Stress is inevitable -- The Startup Addict outlines six ways to fight through it.
The Startup Addict reveals his six levels of success.
It can be tough to know when to take a vacation -- The Startup Addicts breaks down the pros and cons.
Business lessons are everywhere, including the octagon.
We examine the fine line between selling too hard and not hard enough today on The Startup Addict.
On this episode, The Startup Addict breaks down what it takes to land a licensing deal with some of sports biggest names.
The World Cup is in full swing. Are there lessons to be learned from the first round of games? The Startup Addict dives in on this episode.
The Startup Addict talks with former UFC fighter Josh Koscheck about his transition from fighter to CEO.
On this mini episode we have an update on SQ3, turtle necks and passion.
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